Page 2 - Papillon LA fall 2018
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Floral Sketch Sweater
        SD-02460     Dress with Button Detail
                     As Shown |XS-XXL

                                                            Textured 3/4 Sleeve Sweater         Textured Drape Neck Patch
                                               SD-02507     Dress with Pockets     SD-02401     Pocket Sweater Dress
                                                            As Shown |XS-XXL                    As Shown |XS-XXL

      COVER  PD-02642  Floral Shirt Dress           SD-02443     Global Print          SD-02504     Textured A-Line Dress
                                                                 Funky Sleeve Dress
                    with Waist Tie
                                                                                                    with Pockets
                                                                 As Shown |XS-XXL
                    As Shown |XS-XXL
                                                                                                    As Shown |XS-XXL
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