Page 10 - Papillon FH2021 Canada
P. 10

ST-06252                               ST-11209                               ST-11341
          Knit Leopard                            Stretchy Floral                        Short Eyelash
          Eyelash Sweater                         Sweater with                           Knit Button Front
          Denim, Grey,                            Solid Panels                           Cardigan with
          Rose|XS-XXL                             As Shown                               Pockets
                                                  XS-XXL                                 Blush, Blue

          ST-11274                               ST-11238                               ST-11341
          Soft Oversized                         Waffle Knit Shirt                       Short Eyelash
          High Low Tunic                         Hem Sweater                             Knit Button Front
          with Pockets                           As Shown                                Cardigan with
          Grey, Khaki                            XS-XXL                                  Pockets
          XS-XXL                                                                         Blush, Blue

         ST-11214                              ST-11225                               ST-11346
          Waffle Knit Cowl                      Plaid Pintuck Henley                   Ribbed Knit Shirt
          Neck Sweater                          Sweater Top                            Hem Sweater with
          with Pockets                          As Shown                               Roll Neck
          Burgundy, Charcoal,                   XS-XXL                                 Black, Blue|XS-XXL

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