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P. 14

ST-11337                            ST-11201                             ST-11212
          Chunky Knit                         Knit Sweater with                     Knit Leopard
          Cropped Sweater                     Foil Polka Dots                       Print Hoodie with
          with Tulip Back                     As Shown|XS-XXL                       Kangaroo Pocket
          Cream, Rose|S-XL                                                          As Shown|XS-XXL

        ST-11236                             ST-11290                               ST-11289
         Sweatshirt with                      Soft Ribbed                            Stretchy Chevron
         Ribbed Hem and                       Oversized Sweater                      Knit Sweater
         Cuff Detail                          with Side Button                       As Shown|XS-XXL
         Black, Grey, Pink                    Detail
         XS-XXL                               Blush, Navy,

          ST-5384                              PT-11016                               ST-04384
           Sequin Knit                          Stretchy Waffle                        Knit Shirt Hem
           Sweater with                         Knit Top with                          Sweater with Side
           Split Back                           Crepe Contrast                         Zipper Detail
           Detail                               Sleeves                                Blush, Brown,
           Navy, White                          As Shown                               Burgundy,
           XS-XXL                               XS-XXL                                 Charcoal

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