Page 16 - Papillon FH2021 Canada
P. 16

ST-11292                              ST-11244                              ST-04371
           Colourblocked                          Knit Sweater with                    Knit High Low
           Oversized                              Striped Sleeve and                   Sweater Top
           Sweatshirt                             Button Detail                        Charcoal, Light
           As Shown                               As Shown                             Grey, Navy, Pink
           XS-XXL                                 XS-XXL                               XS-XXL

           ST-11317                              ST-11293                            ST-11273
           Knit Blocked                           Leaf Print Knit                     Knit Plaid High
           Sweater with                           Sweater with                        Low Sweater
           Leopard Panel                          Ruched Sides                        with Ribbed
           Brown, Grey                            As Shown                            Cuff and Hem
           XS-XXL                                 XS-XXL                              As Shown

           ST-11291                          ST-11236                              ST-11227
           Multicoloured                      Sweatshirt with                      Knit Crossover
           Knit Sweater                       Ribbed Hem and                       Tunic with Cowl
           As Shown                           Cuff Detail                          Neck and Pockets
           XS-XXL                             Black, Grey, Pink                    As Shown|XS-XXL

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