Page 4 - Fall '23 Papillon Catalogue
P. 4

ST-15251                            ST-15307                               ST-13281
        Lightweight                         Polka Dot                              Floral Jacquard
        Striped Sweater                     Lightweight                            Mock Neck
        As Shown                            Sweater with                           Sweater
        XS-XXL                              Collared Underlay                      As Shown
                                            Navy, Pink                             XS-XXL

       ST-15266                             ST-15281                               ST-06243
        Chenille Cable                       Cotton Hooded                          Waffle Top with
        Knit Sweater                         Sweater with                           Button Detail
        Cream, Pink                          Kangaroo Pocket                        Grey, Navy,
        XS-XXL                               Denim, Emerald,                        Mustard, Taupe,
                                             Grey|XS-XXL                            Rust|XS-XXL

       ST-13265                             ST-15289                               ST-15301
        Sparkle Polka                        Star Printed                           Striped Shirt
        Dot Shirt                            Oversized                              Hem Sweater
        Hem Sweater                          Sweatshirt                             As Shown
        As Shown                             As Shown                               XS-XXL
        S/M, L/XL                            XS-XXL

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