Page 3 - PAPILLON SS2019 USA
P. 3

PD-01771                                                             PD-03667
           Pleat Front Jersey                                                   Large Floral Print
           Dress with Pockets                                                   Ruffle Dress
           Black, Coral, Grey,                                                  As Shown|XS-XXL

          PD-03618                                   PD-03703                         PD-03549
           Floral Print Short                         Floral Print                     Floral Aline
           Sleeve Wrap                                Ruffle Dress                     Dress with Cold
           Style Dress                                Blue, White                      Shoulder and
           As Shown|XS-XXL                            XS-XXL                           Ruffle Detail
                                                                                       Pink, Blue|XS-XXL

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