Page 7 - PAPILLON SS2019 USA
P. 7

PD-03575                            PD-01513                                 PD-03569
            Watercolour                          Floral Print                            Stripe and
            Floral Print                         Choker Border                           Floral Printed
            Ruffle Dress                         Print Dress                             Halter Look
            As Shown                             As Shown                                Dress
            XS-XXL                               XS-XL                                   As Shown

            PD-03639                          PD-03681                            PD-03623
            Floral Print                       Floral Print Midi                   Multi Floral
            Swing Dress                        Wrap Dress                          Button Front Short
            with Pockets                       As Shown                            Sleeve Maxi
            As Shown                           XS-XXL                              As Shown|XS-XXL

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