Page 6 - PAPILLON Vancouver SS 2022
P. 6

                                Basic Stretch
                                Black, White

                                Linen Blend
                                Pinafore with    PD-12598
                                Tie Straps and    Eyelet Midi                           PD-07524
                                Side Button       Button Front
                                Detail            Midi Dress                            Empire Waist Maxi
                                Khaki, Stone      As Shown                              Dress with Tie Sleeves
                                XS-XXL            XS-XXL                                As Shown|XS-XXL

                           PD-12501              PD-12642                                                     PD-12681
                            Spotted Midi         Floral Flowy                                                  Cotton Dress
                            Dress with           Dress with                                                    T-shirt Dress
                            Drawstring Waist     Tie Belt                                                      with Pockets
                            As Shown|XS-XXL      As Shown                                                      As Shown
                                                 XS-XXL                                                        XS-XXL

         PD-07620                                                   PD-12544                                   PP-12804
         Cotton Blend                                                Modal Stretch                              Leopard Knit
 Spotted Midi   Short Sleeve                                         Wrap Look Dress                            Jumpsuit
 Dress with   Button Front Dress                                     Black, Olive,                              As Shown
 Drawstring Waist  Black, Navy, Olive,                               Tomato|XS-XXL                              XS-XXL
 As Shown|XS-XXL  White|XS-XXL

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