Page 9 - Papillon FH2021 USA
P. 9

ST-11288                            ST-11322                            ST-11312
           Spotted Step                        Spotted Step Hem                    Sweater with Puff
           Hem Stretchy                        Stretchy Sweater                    Sleeve and Pearl
           Sweater                             Blush, Olive                        Details
           Pink, Sage                          XS-XXL                              Black, Emerald
           XS-XXL                                                                  S/M, L/XL

          ST-11298                            ST-11308                          ST-11328
          Tie Dye Ruched                      Knit Poncho                        Tie Dye Dolman
          Drawstring Top                       Style Sweater                     sleeve Hoodie
          As Shown|S-XL
                                              with Cowl Neck                     As Shown|XS-XXL
                                              As Shown
                                              S/M, L/XL

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