Page 8 - PAPILLON SS2023 LA
P. 8

PD-14579                              PD-14680
                                      Sleeveless Cotton                     Cherry Blossom
                                      Dress with Raw                        and Bird Print
                                      Edge and Pockets                      Collared Shirt
                                      Light Blue, Linen,                    Hem Dress
                                      Navy |XS-XXL                          with Pockets
      PD-14648                                                              As Shown
       Lace Trim                                                            XS-XXL
       Short Sleeve
       Maxi Dress
       with Pockets
       As Shown

                                                                     PD-14514                          PD-14585

                                                                     Solid Lace Inset Maxi              Floral OTS Maxi
                                                                     Dress with Pockets                 Dress with Front
                                                                     and Smocked Waist                  Splits and Pockets
                                                                     Black, Blush,                      As Shown|XS-XXL
                                                                     Bubblegum, Cobalt,
                                                                     Emerald, Red

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