Page 10 - Fall '23 Papillon Catalogue
P. 10

ST-13308                            ST-15290                               ST-15212
         Cable Knit                          Cable Knit                            Tiger Print
         Hooded Sweater                      Crop Sweater                          Oversized
         with Pockets                        with Georgette                        Sweatshirt
         Blush, Denim                        Underlay                              As Shown
         XS-XXL                              Black, Blush                          XS-XXL

        ST-15260                            ST-13211                               ST-15257
         Tufted Pullover                     Abstract Scenic                       Ribbed Striped
         Sweater                             Knit Sweater                          Cowl Neck
         As Shown                            As Shown                              Sweater
         XS-XXL                              S-XL                                  As Shown

        ST-15225                            PT-15013                               ST-15226
         Horizontal                          Knit Top with                         Floral
         Ribbed                              Button Detail                         Oversized
         V Neck Sweater                      & Leopard                             Sweatshirt
         Cream, Royal                        Print Georgette                       As Shown
         XS-XXL                              Underlay                              XS-XXL
                                             As Shown

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