Page 9 - Fall '23 Papillon Catalogue
P. 9

ST-15201                              ST-11287                             PT-15023
      Striped Knit                          Knit Shirt Hem                       Knit Crossover
      Sweater with                          Sweater with Side                    Long Sleeve
      Fringe Detail                         Button Detail                        Top with
      As Shown                              Burgundy, Khaki,                     Button Detail
      S-XL                                  Navy, White                          As Shown
                                            XS-XXL                               XS-XXL

     ST-15266                              ST-13294                             ST-15224
      Chenille Cable                        Fairisle Knit                        Cable Knit
      Knit Sweater                          Sweater Vest                         Pullover Sweater
      Cream, Pink                           As Shown                             Mustard, Slate
      XS-XXL                                XS-XXL                               XS-XXL

     ST-15291                              ST-15250                               ST-13280
      Lightweight                           Multi Coloured                         Floral
 Flutter Sleeve
 Wrap Look   Balloon Sleeve                 Knit Sweater                           Jacquard
 Dress  Burgundy,                           As Shown                               Knit Sweater
 Black, Red  Cobalt|XS-XXL                                                         As Shown
 XS-XXL                                                                            XS-XXL

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